“Welding Guru Discovers Secret To Making $50-100K in First Year Welding – With His 60 Days Welding Classes”

I’m certain you would be amazed to hear that almost every one of the good welding  classes are full and you will find most of them have waiting lists. You wouldn’t know we are in recession.  Why you might ask? Because right now, you can enrol and learn enough skills to make at least $50,000 in your very first year out of class. But wait, there is a dirty little secret, most of these schools include 90% of the cource teaching skills you’ll never use resulting in you only getting $10-$15 an hour jobs.

"60 Day Welding "

See HowYou Can Start Earning $50-100K in 60 Days Guaranteed!

You’re most likely thinking to yourself, “I know people who have been in the welding industry forever, and it takes years to make that kind of money!” Well, that’s exactly what the welding industry wants you to believe. BUT, its a BIG FAT LIE!

That’s right, I spent $12k putting my kid through a 3 1/2 month cource, and guess what?  Of the 80 kids that started the program, the ones that graduated, most took welding jobs for ONLY $12-20 an hour!  I ask myself why? It’s because they found themselves out of time and money and the cource failed to teach them the one skill that really pays!

How would you like to be making $6,000-8,000 a month welding in 60 days from today? I’m here to show you where you can learn the skills, and precisely the skills you need to make $50,000+ in your very first year in welding.  And, believe it or not, you can do it without attending a welding school – all in 60 days flat.

What Are You Going To Learn That Will Pay So Well? 

It’s plain and simple: You will learn to pipe weld SO WELL that you can get your 6G certification in 60 days or less.  They even offer to guarantee it or your money back. But, this course is about alot more than that… Why 6G?

6G Pipe Welders are always in demand, even in a recession – So many welding jobs have too many welders, but, right now, there is a major shortage of highly skilled pipe welders.


This isn’t some cock and bull deal where I sell you a dream or some software. No, This is a STEP BY STEP guide for you to learn the skills and land a Real Welding Job Making $50,000-100,000 In your first year.

“Are You Broke And Need a Job NOW?”

Learn the welding secrets, and start living your life the way you want to! – Maybe that’s not an option for everybody. If you don’t think you have 60 days? Okay, let me show you how to get a job in one week and get FREE welding training – even if you have done little or no welding before. Will that job pay really well? The answer is no, but you will have started on the path to making the kind of money that you’ve always dreamed about. It’s all included in this course.

The cource will provide all the information explaining everything you’ll need to Get a High Paying Welding Job once you have learnt the skills to apply for one.

No Special Education or Experience is Needed

If you are at all serious about welding as a career, you need to investigate this easy course.  It will show you, in plain English, how to save thousands of dollars and years of training. All you need to do is take the first step and enroll in the course.  Still skeptical that you can make this kind of money?

“This cource is backed by an Insanely Ridiculous  Guarantee”

Simply follow the steps in the course and if you don’t certify for your 6G, you will get a refund of your money.  When you do get your 6G they will personally work with you one-on-one until you get a job. Now If for some reason they fail (and they won’t) they will gladly buy “The 100k Welder Course” back from you for $67 more than your purchase price . They are so sure this will work for you.

Is The Welding Course Right For You and What is Included?

1.   What Shop Welding Skill Pays $102 an hour???   FIND OUT!
2.   What can Happen if you were to Start Fabricating out of your Garage???   FIND OUT!
3.   What kind of Money could you Make as a local Mobile One Man Band???   FIND OUT!
4.   How much do Inspectors make and how hard is it to be one??? FIND OUT!
5.   What ONE CERTIFICATION is so RARE that the AWS D1.1 gives advice on how to avoid using a Welder with this Certification because they are SO RARE and EXPENSIVE???

This Course Is Real and So Am I

The author has the specialized knowledge and has the action plan. Do you have the desire? If not, this isn’t for you. If you’re just looking around reading on the Internet, dreaming about what life might be if you had a great welding job, don’t waste your time or money.

This is your opportunity to shine and be somebody. Are you going to actually do something? Or are you just going to sit there and kick some more tires? Come on. Get off your butt right now. Hit the button below and let’s get started.

Are you ready? Are you going to regret later that you didn’t take action? That you didn’t do something? That you didn’t take a chance? That you didn’t roll the dice?

Come on. Make something happen in your life. Be proactive. Be positive and take action. Do the right thing. Come on. Let’s get started….

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